David Alleman

Sometime gardener, composter, reader, writer, husband of Julia, father of Rosalyn & Nathan and now grandfather of Annabelle Grace.  I have taught high school   English and social studies, worked in college libraries, assisted in a print shop and worked with a college recycling program–now retired.  Frequent recipient of the grace of God.  Part of Weavers Mennonite Church, a church noteworthy for being named for their sexton.  Born in Iowa, grew up in Illinois, attended college and married in Pennsylvania and after more education in Wisconsin, we raised our children in Michigan.  But I have lived in Virginia longer than any other state (since 1989).  Favorite volunteer activity is researching and pricing books and other media for Booksavers of Virginia, a Mennonite Central Committee business raising funds for disaster and famine relief.

[The header picture includes the front of my composting site-the area on the left.  For my composting bins, I used pallets attached to sturdier supports. Pallets would be recycled-often tossed under the adjacent berry bushes and covered with leaves when they fell apart.  The bin setup lacked aesthetic appeal according to the family.  After flooding in southeastern Virginia had closed a paper plant, the print shop where I worked started importing paper from Indonesia.  The pallets of paper came on “interesting” wood which I saved when the boards were undamaged.  These I used to face the supports for the compost bins.  I was later told that the wood was Indonesian mahogany, an inferior wood.  It ages nicely.]