New life: Connecting a death and an amaryllis

Making the most of a fascinating coincidence

This week a friend died.

She brought joy to many with her humor and sparkling laugh. She brightened the world around her. Over a year ago, after her amaryllis had bloomed, our friend had passed on to us the spent bulb hoping we could find new life in it.

Last fall when I brought in amaryllis plants so that they would bloom at Christmas time, I missed one. Usually a bulb left in the ground over the winter in western Virginia will freeze and no longer be viable. In late April when I was pushing back mulch to plant green beans, I saw the green leaves of an amaryllis. Later, when beans were sending out their second and third full-sized leaves and we saw buds emerging between the amaryllis leaves.

For some time she had been eagerly looking forward to her new life with Jesus.

This week a bright white double amaryllis blossom opened.



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